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  • MV MULTI-TRAP used to protect liquid ring vacuum pump on Davis-Standard« extruder.Positive results have been obtained by installing the MV MULTI-TRAP on a Davis-Standard« extruder. Prior to the trap installation the Kinney liquid ring vacuum pump failed once a month due to the solvent from the ABS extruder vent. Since the MULTI-TRAP installation the liquid ring vacuum pump has run trouble free and been in operation for over a year. The trap can be customized to remove liquid, particulate, and heavy condensables on plastic and rubber extrusion lines. Please contact David Rolph for more details at 978-667-2393. « Davis-Standard is a registered trademark of Davis-Standard LLC.

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High-capacity, high-efficiency vacuum inlet traps. Mass-Vac's VisiTrap, Posi-Trap, and Multi-Trap provide unparalleled protection for pumps and exhaust lines.

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Everything you need for your vacuum pump systems: Our Visi-Mist, Midi-Mist, Maxi-Mist, and VisiFlow oil filtration
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