By Konstantin Grytsenko

The first story is about my youth. I did not too much read sci. publications, so did not know, that PTFE is not possible to deposit film in vacuum by thermal evaporation. Just put the piece of PTFE in crucible and got the film. Farther got dye-in-PTFE matrix film with exceptional dye stability to action of all environment factors. The second story is about recent advance. Without sci. backgrounds decided to produce polymer dye film by dye evaporation and polymerization in vacuum. At first we got evaporable compounds with unsaturated bond, which is not opened during evaporation. We spent 7 years to open this unsaturated bond selectively in the gas phase therefore making possible to deposit polymeric dye film with extra thermal stability. All play-n-the game is around double C=C bonds both inside chromophore and that special polymerizable group almost of equal energy.

Thank you Konstantin for your wonderful submission!