Mass Vac is Your Best Choice for Vacuum Traps

At MV Products we don’t supply vacuum traps as an “accessory” or a catalog “adder”. We specialize in designing effective and efficient trapping solutions for complex vacuum processes. With over 40 years of vacuum process experience, we are the “go-to” source for system manufacturers, pump manufacturers, service engineers and end users for trapping solutions to difficult vacuum applications.

Our products provide:

  • Efficient positive seal filtration that forces gas stream through the filtration media.
  • Ability to combine different trapping methodology in one unit.
  • Flexibility to add trapping capacity to an existing installation.
  • Flexibility to use same trapping hardware for different or changing applications.

Available trapping techniques include:

  • Particle filtration down to .1 micron.
  • Particle capture by “tortuous path”.
  • Chemical filtration by absorption or adsorption.
  • Baffles for particle capture and condensation.
  • Integral or add on cooling for condensation.

Whether you’re looking for a quick inexpensive solution or an effective solution to a complex process problem contact us now!


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