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At Mass-Vac our focus has always been to provide the world’s finest vacuum inlet traps, exhaust traps, and oil filtration systems. If your process is demanding, your success critical, and you have to “get it right” the first time you need to choose Mass-Vac.

The right products. The best support. The certainty of success.

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Check our Resources section for pressure and flow rate
conversion charts: particularly helpful when working with
different pump manufacturers.

Vacuum Inlet Traps

High-capacity, high-efficiency vacuum inlet traps. Mass-Vac’s VisiTrap, Posi-Trap, and Multi-Trap provide unparalleled protection for pumps and exhaust lines.

Pump Accessories

Everything you need for your vacuum pump systems: Our Visi-Mist, Midi-Mist and Maxi-Mist oil filtration systems provide you with what you need.

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