Vacuum Filter Elements for all Processes and Systems

  • Multiple vacuum filter media choices for different applications (refer to chart below)
  • Easy changing vacuum filter cartridges
  • Easily upgrade your traps as your needs change
  • Save valuable time not breaking down your entire vacuum system to change elements

Protect the vacuum pump from corrosive and abrasive chemicals and particles present in the vacuum system. Make pumps last longer, cut maintenance costs and prevent system down time. Our vacuum inlet traps range from single filter element units to multiple stage traps utilizing 16 individual filter elements for the most demanding applications.

All of our vacuum inlet traps utilize replaceable filter elements. Two sizes are offered, depending upon the trap requirements.

Available Vacuum Filters

Copper gauze Large surface area traps condensable particles and oil vapors
Stainless steel gauze Same as copper, but with added corrosion protection
Molecular sieve Reduces mechanical pump backstreaming and traps water vapor
Soda Lime Minimizes migration of corrosive chemicals and neutralizes acidic vapors
Activated charcoal Removes organic vapors
Activated alumina Removes Lewis acids, polar compounds, other acids, water and particles
PolyPro 2 micron Traps high volumes of solids and particulates as small as 2 microns; available in three sizes
PolyPro 5 micron Same as above
PolyPro 20 micron Same as above



Filter Media Application Trapping
Molecular Sieve Leak Detection oil backstreaming
Mass Spectrometry oil backstreaming
Residual Gas Analysis oil backstreaming
Scanning Electron Microscope oil backstreaming
Glove box oil backstreaming
Sputtering oil backstreaming
Soldering oil backstreaming
Soda Lime Freeze Drying acid & water vapor
Gel Drying acid & water vapor
Reactive Ion Etching acid
Activated Charcoal Rotary Evaporation organic solvent
Distillation organic solvent
Centrifuge organic solvent
Degassing resin vapors
Potting resin vapors
Impregnation product vapors
Stainless Steel Gauze Vacuum Oven product & water vapor
Plasma Ashing particulate & water vapor
Food Packaging particulate & water vapor
Polypro Micron Rated Ion Implant powder
Vacuum Transfer particulate
Hold Down particulate


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Vacuum Filter Elements