Oil Mist Eliminators VISI-MIST®

Visible protection from oil “smoke” and vapors

  • Removes oil mist from vacuum pump exhaust
  • Clear sump provides easy visual inspection of filter condition
  • Coalescing filters require little maintenance
  • Prevents oil residue from settling on walls, floors, furniture, and equipment
  • Modular design makes the unit easier to disassemble and clean
  • Element replacement is fast and easy
  • Water or refrigerant cooling option is available

When you start a vacuum pump, a cloud of gray “smoke” comes out of the exhaust. That’s a mist of pump fluid. After the pump has been running for a while, you may not see the mist, but it’s still there. If you’ve ever touched a sticky tabletop near a vacuum pump, you know that cleaning up after oil mist is no joke.

An MV VISI-MIST® oil mist eliminator attaches to your pump’s exhaust line, directing the exhaust through a pleated, low-resistance microfiberglass coalescing filter that removes mist before it gets into the room air. The clear styrene sump provides direct inspection of the status of the filter without disassembly.


Higher capacity oil mist eliminators

  • Stainless steel construction resists corrosion
  • Drain plug for easy recovery of pump fluids
  • Band clamp closure makes disassembly and cleaning quick and easy
The MIDI-MIST 4 and the MIDI-MIST 8 offer the same high efficiency provided by VISI-MIST®, but at a higher capacity for larger pumps and more demanding installations. Select the MIDI-MIST oil mist eliminator that best matches your vacuum pump: MIDI-MIST 4 fits pumps with inlet ports up to 1.5″ diameter; MIDI-MIST 8 works with pumps with inlet ports up to 2″ diameter.


Our highest capacity oil mist eliminator

  • High-capacity coalescing filters drain oil into a large reservoir for easy recovery
  • Designed for large capacity vacuum pumps

MAXI-MIST is our flagship oil mist eliminator, offering all the features and capabilities of the MIDI-MIST series, with higher capacity for large vacuum pumps. Designed for pumps of up to 300 CFM capacity, the MAXI-MIST features a parallel bank of five pleated low density microfiberglass coalescing filters. The large capacity oil reservoir can be connected directly back to the pump to recirculate recovered oil, or drained for disposal through a handy drain port.