MV Multi-Trap® Vacuum Trap

High Capacity, High Efficiency Vacuum Inlet or Exhaust Trap

  • Protects oil-sealed vacuum pumps and dry vacuum pumps
  • Remove corrosive and abrasive particles that can destroy your vacuum pump
  • Processes such as LPCVD, PECVD, ALDMOCVD, Metal Etch and HVPE.
  • Modular design makes the unit easier to disassemble and clean
  • Element replacement is fast and easy
  • Water or refrigerant cooling option is available

The MV MULTI-TRAP® is a high capacity, high conductance vacuum inlet trap that protects your pump against corrosive chemicals and abrasive particles present in your vacuum system. It features a three stage effluent trapping system: the first stage knocks down heavy particles and condenses volatile solids and liquids on large surface areas; stages two and three contain two parallel banks of filter elements which can be customized to remove corrosive chemicals and fine particles. A water or refrigerant cooled accessory cools the first stage for even more effective condensation.

The MV MULTI-TRAP® is available in three different sizes, all of which accept the cooling coil module shown in this diagram. A version with a fully cooled baffle is also available.

The MULTI-TRAP® can be configured for many different installations, ranging from heavy particle applications to those producing condensable or organic vapors.

  1. Stage 1 knocks down heavy particles and some condensables
  2. Cooling coils remove more condensables and lowers the gas temperature
  3. Stage 2 cartridge elements make the first filtering pass
  4. Stage 3 elements remove finer particles
  5. Gas exits

Boost Trap Performance with Cooling Coils MV Multi-Trap®

To enhance the condensation of high-temperature system effluents, cooling modules are available. The module replaces the bottom of some MULTI- TRAP® models. The gas stream is then directed to the cooling coils before it enters the second stage of filter elements.

The coils can be cooled with a refrigeration system or water.

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High Capacity, High Efficiency Particle Filter

MV MULTI-TRAP is now offered in a new configuration featuring a single high capacity, high efficiency particle filter for processes that generate large amounts of particulate. This large filter, 13” height x 14” diameter, is made with high temperature pleated polyester material, offering 40 sq. ft. of surface area with a particle retention rating of 60 grams per sq. ft. The filters are available in a 25 and 100 micron ratings, offering a 99% particle efficiency rating. The combination of this large surface area and particle retention rating makes it ideally suited for protecting vacuum pumps used on LPCVD, PECVD, and ALD in semiconductor wafer fabs.

The MULTI-TRAP is 16” diameter with a conductance rating of greater than 2000 CFM @ 1 torr, all 304 stainless steel construction, with ISO-160 ports, available in a right angle and straight-through configuration. Optional cooling accessory, filter shield, and retrofit kit for existing installations are also available. Trap stacking modules can be added to greatly increase the capacity.