Portable Degassing System

Now available from MV Products, a new portable degas system that features plug and play operation and is sized and priced for research labs and small batch production applications. The MV 4-Gallon Portable Degassing System features a 4-gallon stainless steel chamber, a clear 1″ thick LuciteĀ® top for contents viewing, and a dry piston 5 CFM vacuum pump that pulls 29″ Hg vacuum. Easy to move and store, it is totally self-contained in a 20″ sq. mobile cart and operates on 115V power. Suitable for degassing, encapsulating, potting, and drying applications, the MV 4-Gallon Portable Degas System includes a 0-30″ Hg Bourdon dial gauge, isolation and vent valves, and an on/off power switch. Options include other types of vacuum pumps and a rotary motion feed-through.

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Model 220104 Degassing System complete with:
Direct Drive, Single Stage Dry Piston Vacuum Pump, capacity 5 cfm, Ultimate Vacuum 29″ Hg
VisiTrap Inlet Trap
Bourdon Dial Gauge 0 to 30″ Hg
Isolation Valve
Vent Valve
On/Off Power Switch
304 Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber


Portable Miniature Degassing System

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4 Gallon Portable Degassing System