Gauges and Fittings

Low Cost Thermocouple Gauge Controller

Mass-Vac, Inc. offers a compact, low cost wide range thermocouple vacuum gauge controller that uses a highly visible LED display. (760 to .001 torr range.) This unit is packaged in an attractive and rugged case. It comes with power cord, cable and 531 type tube. Plugs directly into 115 V AC.

Model 200 uses a sophisticated, microprocessor-based circuit to measure from atmosphere to hard vacuum using a rugged, inexpensive, thermocouple vacuum gauge tube.

Reading torr-equivalent (torr or mbar) microns
760. 760,000
550. 550,000
120. 120,000
99.0 99,000
 12.3 12,300
10.0 10,000
9.90 9,900
1.23 1,230
.999 999
.555 555
.123 123
.055 55
.001 1

The Model 200 and all other wide-range thermocouple gauges rely on convection (a form of thermal conduction) to achieve their wide range with a thermal sensor. As such, they are sensitive to the gas species.The Model 200 is powered by 115 Volts AC.

Vacuum Components

Mass-Vac offers the highest quality vacuum system components, made from 304 stainless steel. We inventory a stock of vacuum o-rings, centering rings, clamps, copper gaskets, flanges, fittings, reducers, and adapters for the following style component sizes.

NW 16 to NW 50
ISO 63 to ISO 320
ASA 5 to ASA 16
CF 2 ¼ to CF 16 ½

In addition, standard length stainless steel flex hoses, high vacuum valves, and custom chambers are also available upon request.