Services Certifications

We Take All the Right Steps

It’s important to know that hazardous materials which may be in your pump are handled safely and disposed of properly. As a federally licensed hazardous waste generator, we maintain inspection waste manifests that trace all of our waste to its ultimate destination.

From routine air sampling at the pump tear down point, to regular testing of waste streams, we take all the right steps to provide the safest environment possible at our facility. We are all aware of the value of a clean environment. In support of this, we voluntarily discontinued the use of all ozone-depleting chlorinated solvents.

Mass-Vac, Inc. Is Pro-Active When It Comes to Protecting Our Employees and Our Customers

Some of Our Employees’ Certifications Include:

  • First Responder / Operations Level
  • D.O.T. Manifesting and Function Specific
  • Forklift Safety: Train the Trainer
  • 10-Hour Occupational Safety and Health
  • CPR Certification
  • OSHA Record Keeping

ALL of Our Employees Receive:

  • Hazard Communication Training
  • Emergency Action Training
  • Ongoing Equipment Safety Training