Vacuum Inlet Trap with Transparent Sump

  • Protects pumps from foreign materials
  • Select inserts for trapping particles, water, oil or corrosive chemicals
  • Transparent sump shows when to change insert
  • Simple to maintain – change inserts without removing from the vacuum system

Sometimes your vacuum pump needs protection from the materials you’re pumping, and sometimes your vacuum system needs protection from the pump. The MV VISI-TRAP® takes care of both.

A transparent sump contains an insert that traps foreign particles and vapors, keeping them from getting where they shouldn’t be. The VISI-TRAP® traps corrosive chemicals before they can damage the pump. It also traps particles and oil vapors and reduces oil backstreaming.

Several interchangeable inserts are available. Choose from stainless steel gauze, copper gauze, molecular sieve, or Soda Lime.

Other filter media is available. We can also customize filters for your specific application. For more information on filter media and applications, click here.

Construction Polypropylene housing; styrene acrylonitrile sump – polypropylene sump also available
Sump Size 300005: 4.5″ (114 mm)
300010: 9.5″ (241 mm)
Pump Size 300005: 1-4 CFM (25-100 l/m)
300010: 5-15 CFM (150-500 l/m)
Filters Stainless steel end caps and screens; Buna-N gaskets
Intake/Exhaust Ports 3/4″ female pipe thread
Terminations Hose termination; 25 mm or 40 mm NW flanges (installed if ordered with the trap)
300005 Diameter: 5.5″ (140 mm)
Overall height: 7.9″ (200 mm)
Requires 1.5″ space for sump removal
300010 Diameter: 5.5″ (140 mm)
Overall height: 12.8″ (325 mm)
Requires 1.5″ space for sump removal
MV Products offers several interchangeable inserts:
Type Description
Copper gauze Large surface area traps condensable particles and oil vapors
Stainless steel gauze Same as copper gauze, but with added corrosion protection
Molecular sieve Reduces mechanical pump back-streaming and traps water vapor
Soda Lime Minimizes migration of corrosive chemicals and neutralizes acidic vapors
Activated charcoal Removes organic vapors
PolyPro 2m Traps high volumes of solids and particulates as small as 2 microns; available in 3 sizes
PolyPro 5m Same as above
PolyPro 20m Same as above


Visi Trap Drawing


Description Part Number 4.5″ Size Part Number 9.5″ Size
Copper gauze 300905 300900
Stainless steel gauze 300915 300910
Molecular sieve 300925 300920
Soda Lime 300935 300930
Activated charcoal 300945 300940
PolyPro 2m 400925 400920
PolyPro 5m 400935 400930
PolyPro 20m 400945 400940


Description Part Number 4.5″ Size Part Number 9.5″ Size
VISITRAP with sump, cover, and 3/4″ female pipe thread connections. Does not include filter element. 300005 300010
VISITRAP with copper gauze filter element 300105 300100
with stainless steel gauze filter element 300205 300200
with molecular sieve filter element 300305 300300
with Soda Lime filter element 300405 300400
with activated charcoal filter element 300505 300500
with PolyPro 2 filter element 300615 300610
with PolyPro 5 filter element 300625 300620
with PolyPro 20 filter element 300635 300630
Replacement sump only 300725 300720
Replacement filter elements (Quantity discounts for ten or more) Refer to chart below for part numbers
Terminations: (Two are required – if ordered with VisiTrap, they will be factory installed)
Hose termination 3/4″ 301075 301075
NW 25 x 3/4″ 301025 301025
NW 40 x 3/4″ 301040 301040
Dial gauge (0-30″ Hg) 301200 301200
Vent valve 301300 301300
Dial gauge and vent valve preassembled 301400 301400


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Visi-Trap Vacuum Inlet Trap with Transparent Sump