Visi-Trap® Vacuum Trap

Vacuum Inlet Trap with Transparent Sump

  • Protects pumps from foreign materials
  • Select inserts for trapping particles, water, oil or corrosive chemicals
  • Transparent sump shows when to change insert
  • Simple to maintain – change inserts without removing from the vacuum system

Sometimes your vacuum pump needs protection from the materials you’re pumping, and sometimes your vacuum system needs protection from the pump. The MV VISI-TRAP® takes care of both.

A transparent sump contains an insert that traps foreign particles and vapors, keeping them from getting where they shouldn’t be. The VISI-TRAP® traps corrosive chemicals before they can damage the pump. It also traps particles and oil vapors and reduces oil backstreaming.

Several interchangeable inserts are available. Choose from stainless steel gauze, copper gauze, molecular sieve, or Soda Lime.

Other filter media is available. We can also customize filters for your specific application. For more information on filter media and applications, visit the Vacuum Filter Elements page.