Posi-Trap® Vacuum Trap

Single Stage Vacuum Inlet Trap

  • Positive Flow
  • No “blow-by”
  • Variety of elements
  • Positive trapping
  • Easy changing and cleaning

The flow of the effluent gas is directed through the inlet port to the filter elements. Unlike other traps, the filter elements of the POSI-TRAP® are sealed at both the inlet and the exhaust ends, eliminating blow-by and maintaining a positive flow through the elements. This means all contaminants must pass through the filter medium.

Choose from stainless steel gauze, copper gauze, molecular sieve, Soda Lime, activated charcoal, and PolyPro (2, 5, and 20 microns). One (4″ Posi-Trap) or four (8″ Posi-Trap) filter elements are required per trap.

Other filter media is available. We can also customize filters for your specific application. For more information on filter media and applications, click here.