Vacuum Degassing Chamber

Prevents Failure from Entrapped Gas

  • Low-cost vacuum chamber
  • Results in an end product completely free from all air and trapped gases
  • Replaces plastic or glass desiccating chambers

MV Products vacuum degassing chamber reduces pressure above the surface of the material to permit escape and subsequent removal of entrapped air and other gases that could induce failure of the final product. The rugged Lucite® top provides full visibility of the chamber interior. The system is capable of operating at vacuums up to 29.9″ Hg (25 Torr) when used with and adequate vacuum pump. Available with or without vacuum pump, the MV Products degassing chamber is constructed with Lucite® top, stainless steel tank with pump out port, isolation valve, vent valve, Bourdon vacuum gauge and VISI-TRAP®inlet trap to protect the vacuum pump. Accessories include a rotary table, feed thru ports and feed thrus. Several size “chamber only” systems are also available. Also available:  Portable Vacuum Degassing System.