MV Multi-Trap® for Vacuum Extruders

High Capacity, High Efficiency, Vacuum Pump Inlet Trap for Extruder Vacuum Vent Lines

  • Prevents pump failure
  • Modular design makes the unit easier to disassemble and clean
  • Element replacement is fast and easy
  • Integrated cooling option available

Vacuum pumps are often connected to extruder vents for the removal of volatile vapors from the barrel and to control the moisture content.

These volatile vapors will accumulate in the vacuum pump resulting in frequent maintenance and eventual vacuum pump failure. Installation of the appropriate type/size vacuum inlet trap in the vent line will help remove the volatile vapors from the gas stream, thereby protecting the vacuum pump.

Mass-Vac, Inc. offers a high capacity vacuum pump inlet trap for styrene and other plastic extrusion processes that helps prevent pump failures.

Featuring 304 stainless steel construction, the MV MULTI-TRAP® is a high capacity, high conductance vacuum inlet trap featuring a three stage effluent trapping system: The first stage is a large knock-down baffle. The other two stages can be customized by the user to accept one stage of 9.5 inch filters or two stages of 4.5″ filters. A variety of filters are available to handle specific volatile vapors in these applications.

  1. Stage 1 knocks down heavy particles and some condensables
  2. Cooling coils remove more condensables and lower the gas temperature
  3. Stage 2 cartridge elements make the first filtering pass
  4. Stage 3 elements remove finer particles
  5. Gas exits

The MV Multi-Trap® vacuum inlet trap can be equipped with a cooling option to facilitate condensing, collecting, and absorbing significant volumes of process byproducts from extruder vents. Designed to prevent premature pump failure, these vacuum inlet traps are stackable for increased capacity and can be equipped with drains and float switches for the disposal of volatile compounds, where necessary.

A typical extruder vent package might include the following:

  • (1) Model 355050S 10″ diameter MV MULTI-TRAP® with 2″ ports and NW50 flanges.
  • (1) 1/4″ drain plug adder to trap
  • (5) 300910 9.5″ stainless steel gauze filter elements installed in trap
  • (2) NW50B-2″MPT pipe adapter
  • (2) NW-50-CP mounting clamps
  • (2) NW-50-CR-SV centering rings

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