The MV Products Division of Mass-Vac

At the MV Products Division of Mass-Vac we are continually conducting research and development devoted to improving the quality and effectiveness of our products. Our product lines fall into three basic categories: Vacuum Inlet Traps, Vacuum Pump Accessories, and Degassing Systems.

We are always available to you to discuss your needs or to provide assistance in configuring the product(s) which will best serve your requirements. We love a challenge, so if you have a specific application or requirement, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

Vacuum Inlet Trap

Our Vacuum Inlet Traps provide flexible, highly efficient protection for your vacuum pumps. All of our traps are available with a wide selection of filter elements that can be changed easily without breaking down your entire vacuum system.

Vacuum Pump Accessories

Replacement filter elements, oil mist eliminators, vacuum components, and other parts: whatever you need to keep your working environment safe and your vacuum pump systems working, we have it.

Degassing Systems

The MV Products degassing system prevents failure from entrapped gas. Your end product will be completely free of all air and trapped gasses, resulting in higher product yields and lower production costs.