Non-Semiconductor Applications

MV Multi-Trap®High Capacity, High Efficiency Vacuum Inlet or Exhaust Trap

Non-Semiconductor Applications Information

The MV MULTI-TRAP® is available in three different sizes, all of which accept the cooling coil module shown in this diagram. A version with a fully cooled baffle is also available.

The MULTI-TRAP® can be configured for many different installations, ranging from heavy particle applications to those producing condensable or organic vapors.

Although the MV MULTI-TRAP® was originally developed for semiconductor manufacturing applications, its modular design and multiple configurations make it a great solution for almost any vacuum system problem. Below is a sampling of applications where the MULTI-TRAP® has been successfully implemented.

  • Central lab vacuum system – water vapor, acid, and organic solvent protection
  • Rubber molding- binder and particle trapping
  • Mercury manometer- Hg trapping
  • Styrene extrusion vent – styrene monomer trapping
  • Metal injection molding – binder and wax trapping
  • Chemical reactors- acid and organic solvent trapping
  • Dryers- particle, acid, and organic solvent trapping
  • Crystal growing- silicon monoxide, and dopant trapping
  • Graphite purification- carbon soot and HCl trapping
  • Solar cell anti-reflective coatings – silicon dioxide trapping
  • Specialty coating- silicon carbide, silicon nitride, and boron carbide trapping

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MULTI-TRAP® For Central Laboratory Systems

Central laboratory vacuum systems are found in many research facilities. They are typically large packaged systems with one or more vacuum pumps, mounted to a large receiver tank. These systems are used to provide rough vacuum ranging from 20- 29″ Hg, to fume hoods, dry boxes, chucks, and ports, throughout the entire facility.

These vacuum systems can be exposed to a number of different contaminants including, organic solvents, acids, particulate, and water vapor. Even with proper maintenance, these contaminants can destroy a vacuum pump over a period of time. This results in costly repair, considerable down time, and may lead to angry researchers.

The MV MULTI-TRAP® high capacity/efficiency vacuum system inlet trap has been very successful in removing these contaminants. The trap consists of 4 stages, a baffle section to knock down particulate, a cooling option for condensables, and two stages of custom filtration for adsorption of organic solvents as well as acid neutralization.

The first stage of custom filtration is a parallel bank of activated charcoal filters. Activated charcoal is rated excellent in adsorption of most organic solvents as well as acids.

The second stage of custom filtration is a parallel bank of Soda Lime filters. Soda Lime is a mixture of sodium and potassium hydroxide, designed specifically for the neutralization of acids. The Soda Lime filter has a color indicator, and will turn from white to a blue/purple color, when requiring changing.

The MULTI-TRAP® is offered in a number of different sizes and can be used in systems as large as 2000 CFM.

MULTI-TRAP For Vacuum Pump Protection on Extruders

The extrusion process converts thermoplastic pellets into a homogenous melt at sufficient pressure to allow the melt to flow through a die into a variety of shapes. The pellets must be conveyed, compressed and melted as they move through the barrel.

In recent years, it has been determined that pulling a vacuum on the barrel head is helpful in controlling the moisture content, leading to a superior end product. Typically the barrel head is pulled down to a pressure of 12- 26″ Hg. In addition to water vapor removal, volatile compounds from the melt are also drawn downstream toward to the vacuum pump.

These compounds condense in the cooler lines and in the vacuum pump. They deposit in many different forms including solid, liquid, or even an oily build up. Even with the proper maintenance, these volatile compounds can destroy a vacuum pump over a period of time. This results in costly repair, unscheduled system down time, and lack of production.

The MV MULTI-TRAP® has been very successful in removing these volatile compounds and protecting the vacuum pump.

The trap consists of 3-stages including a knock down shield for particulate, a cooling option for condensables, and one parallel bank of 9.5″ filters to remove oily residues.

There are a number different sizes offered and can be used on pumps as large as 2000 CFM.

MULTI-TRAP For Metal Injection Molding

Vacuum sintering of powdered metal parts has been used to form ceramics, refractory metals, reactive metals, and steels. Vacuum sintered powdered metal products include bulk forms, shaped articles, conventional powdered parts, and metal injection molded components.

Normally, powdered metal parts contain some type of binder material. Typical binder materials include paraffin wax, synthetic waxes, and metal stearates. At some point during the metal injection molding process, this binder material must be removed before vacuum sintering. A vacuum pumping system is used to remove the binder vapors.

The vacuum pumps normally used in this process include oil lubricated rotary vane, oil lubricated piston, and dry screw or claw pumps. Binder vapors condense in the cooler lines and the vacuum pump. Waxes and metal stearates can accumulate in the vacuum pump resulting in frequent maintenance or even premature pump failure.

The MV MULTI-TRAP® has been very successful in trapping this binder material. The combination of a baffle section, cooling option, and one stage of parallel bank, 9.5″ stainless steel gauze filters, is very effective in condensing the wax and metal stearate byproducts. Also, due to the nature of the material, the stainless steel gauze filters can be cleaned, and reused.

In a production environment it is common practice to inventory a spare filter assembly. The assembly consists of the baffle section and one stage of parallel bank filters. This enables customers to quickly change out the module, while preparing for the next run.

The MULTI-TRAP® offers superior vacuum pump protection with minimal down time.

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