Vacuum Pump Inlet Trap For Heavy Contaminant Vacuum Processes

A high-capacity vacuum pump inlet trap designed to remove high quantities of contaminants from LPCVD, PECVD, MOCVD, HVPE, ALD and similar processes has been introduced by Mass-Vac, Inc. of North Billerica, MA.

The MV Multi-Trap 16″ High-Capacity Vacuum Inlet Trap for heavy contaminant producing processes features a stainless steel housing with a large knockdown stage and a large pleated filter made from high-temperature polyester to capture and retain large quantities of particulates. Offered in a single or stacked configuration, it is available with NW-40 to ISO-160 ports in straight-through and right angle configurations.

Providing a conductance of > 2000 CFM@ 1 TORR, the MV Multi-Trap 16″ High-Capacity Vacuum Inlet Trap can be supplied with 25- and 100-micron polyester ratings. The single stage filter has a 40 sq. ft. surface area and the stacked version provides 80 sq. ft. and they trap 60 grams/sq. ft. of particulates. A cooling option is offered for condensable materials.

The MV Multi-Trap 16″ High-Capacity Vacuum Inlet Trap is priced from $4,975.00 (list) complete. Quotations are provided upon request.

For more information contact:

Mass-Vac, Inc.
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